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Vicky Henry

Souvenir David Crockett Cabin 1956

This souvenir was for the dedication of the David Crockett Cabin in Rutherford, TN in 1956. The price was $2.00.  Not heard of today, huh? The book titled The Fabulous David Crockett, His Life and Times in Gibson County, Tennessee by Ernest T. Thompson is in the envelope. Both are yellow with age but in good shape.  The book has photos of the old signs and buildings in the area and near the back has a sign of the monument to David’s wife Elizabeth Patton Crockett in Hood County, Texas.

There are many errors in the book but a great keepsake for a Crockett descendant. A UDC sister gave this to me. It belonged to her husband.  He had already sent me a Crockett book that was his as a little boy.

Side note:  Now most of you know Joy. I am just waiting to receive what else these two find as they go through his collections. jnb