We would like to invite you and your family to be a part of this exciting and educational organization which strives to keep alive the remembrance of one of America’s most notable heroes, Col. David Crockett.

The cost of membership for one year is $15.00 and $25.00 for two years.  Please consider becoming a member today in one of the  following ways:

  • Direct Descendant – Members related directly through David Crockett and his two wives, Polly & Elizabeth (must provide bonafide documentation).  See below*
  • Cousin – Members related to David Crockett through David’s brothers, sisters (i.e., nieces, nephews, uncles & aunts, etc.)
  • Friend – Members who are not related but love and admire David Crockett and who are interested in the preservation of American history.
*Lineage/Application with Supporting Documents Required.

Ready to Join Us?  Use this form to join our organization.  Dues Form 2018

If you’re a Friend (not a descendant) that’s all you need to do. But if you’re a descendant of David Crockett, please fill out our Membership Application (PDF Version, or Word Fill-in Version).

First, print out the Instructions.  Membership Application Instructions

Second, choose which application link below, you want to use (2) PDF or (3) Fill-In Word Document.  Click on the link that is best for you.

(2) Membership Application – This form is in pdf format that you can print and then fill in by hand.

(3) Membership Application – (Fill-In) Word Format – This form will download to your computer.  Save to your computer and then open in Word.

For more information, contact us!