In The Beginning….

About 1992 the national membership voted to start a Tennessee and Texas local chapter that would meet regularly between the reunion years.

Records for the West Tennessee chapter of the Direct Descendants and Kin of David Crockett show the first meeting was April 16th 1994 in Paris, TN. Officers were elected and membership cards were printed.  Membership rolls and minutes are on file for 1994-2003.

Many projects were completed and Crockett-related events attended by the members. One of the most challenging projects both in labor and expense was saving the old Tharpe family cemetery where two of David Crockett’s granddaughters, Alice Ann Crockett Tharpe and Mary Elizabeth Crockett Tharpe are buried. No one will forget the parade where members dressed in period dress and rode in a horse driven wagon.

The minutes are so interesting to read. This group had big ideas at every meeting and got some of them done and all with pictures.1992

(Front row L-R)  Sherri Frensley Carvalho, Budgie Hendrix, Mary B. Hendrix, Martha Mathis Jackson
Rebecca Ann “Becky” Jackson
(Back Row L-R) Bobby Bland, Joy Norwood Bland, Paul Crockett, Olivia Crockett, Bernice Gregson
Cannon, Jim Dumas (Founder of DDKDC)

Crockett Historical Markers

Just a note to let you know the Crockett Historical Markers will go in Monday starting with the Walkertown location adjacent to the Walkertown Church on Hwy 93 near Babbs Mill Road at 1PM. After our photo opts we will go to Still Hollow Farm for the second Crockett marker placement near the Crockett Mill Location. We will formally dedicate these July 16 & 17, 2020 during the reunion of the Direct Descendant’s and Kin of David Crockett. However we do need photos for the Greeneville Sun the SAR, and Crockett Newsletter. These markers would not have been possible without the dedicated work of Joe Swann and the support of the Descendants of the Battle of Kings Mountain, Sons of the American Revolution, Fort Watauga Children of the American Revolution, The Direct Descendants and Kin of David Crockett and the many Friends of Davy Crockett who for years worked tirelessly at the Birthplace state park. Wayne Conduff worked to identify and plat the layout of the Crockett property and the Walkertown marker will be on what was Crockett property. David McKay and the Walkertown Church have graciously allowed us to place the marker near their parking area so visitors would have a safe place to park to read and photograph the sign. This is truly a community project and one to be proud of. Thank you to all, Tim Massey

Crockett Tavern & Museum – August 17, 2019

August 17 – David Crockett’s 233rd Birthday Celebration – 2-5PM on the grounds of CTM. Free event. Birthday treats, re-enactors, story telling, music, blacksmith, tours of the museum.

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Errol Flannery, Chairman of the Board of the Direct Descendants & Kin of David Crockett gives Sally Baker, Curator, a donation for the Crockett Tavern & Museum.   Sally is a beautiful example of faithfulness to the Museum & Tavern that upholds the memory and history of David Crockett.

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