Fall 2020 & Family Links Sought

Fall has definitely settled on this hill in Tennessee. 2020 will be a year remembered by many families for the difficult challenges we have been through.  Remember to pray for each other as we approach Christmas.  There are many needs in our families.

Many are still looking for their Crockett family links. I have been able to help some.  Of course I find their family history so interesting even if we are still searching for their link.  Can any of you help?

ROBERT PATTON CROCKETT is the great-great-grandfather of Amy Palmer. She is seeking the Crockett lineage beyond Elder David Crockett (1727-1777). We do not have paper documentation for that yet. Several theories have been printed in books etc. but with no source or proof.

THOMAS A. CROCKETT (1812 GA-d. after 1860) m. Eliza Warren in Mississippi in 1832.  Susan Denny has hit a brick wall searching for the parents of Thomas A… I have not found any of these names in any of my Crockett family sources.

STOUT B. TEETER—John Derr sent a query about the Crockett family link. I could not help him but some interesting research a head. He is working from his grandmother’s memories. She told him that they were kin by marriage to David Crockett and Daniel Boone.  He has proven the Boone connection but not Crockett. Stout B. named a son David Crockett Teeter (1834). His daughter, Sallie, married Bob Derr and lived in Oklahoma before moving to Mexico in 1903. Most of the family was lost in Mexico when Pancho Villa destroyed their home.

ALEXANDER CROCKETT (David’s uncle) —I am always excited to get anything on this family. Jerry O. Worsham, II sent his complete line wanting to verify his link to David (1786-1836) It was clear he descended from Alexander. He shared more with me than I could give to him I only had the names of his great grandparents, Frank M. and Laura Crockett Aikin. H has since shared this family including a picture of his grandfather, Robert Leslie Aikin which was made about 1930 while he was working for the Gypsy Oil Company in Lyons Kansas.  He eventually became an Independent Oil man based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jerry noted that he was a very kind man and great with children. (great family history to put in the family tree.  I think there is more as I found his great-grandfather, Frank Aikin’s obituary and he too had an interesting productive life) JNB

The more we find, the more interesting our Crockett family becomes.

Joy Bland, Historian