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Your Current E-Mail Addresses Matter

Please send me a quick email so that I can update our verify our membership records.  My email address is Also, please send me your address.  We’ve had many newsletters returned without forwarding.   Thank you so much.

Priceless Contributions – Our Editors & Newsletters

PAST EDITORS Jim Dumas     1986-1994 Vicky Henry      1994-2004 Ric John            2004-2006 Ray Oden            2006-2014 Tim Massey        2014-2020 (Featured Photo Taken by Mary Ann Claxton) On one of her visits Vicky Henry and I spent one whole day at the dinning table sorting Crockett… Continue Reading “Priceless Contributions – Our Editors & Newsletters”

Reinstatement Fee Now Added to all Dues Payments

Please remember to pay your dues as soon as possible. To pay your dues now, click on the link below. Your dues payment today is $65.00.  This includes a reinstatement fee of $35.00. Thanks. Vicky Henry, Secretary-Treasurer