Texas History in Granbury

Greetings from Texas!  I know that we all have been feeling so far distanced from each other for the last year, at least!  It is time to get re-acquainted an re-establish our very important and special relationships with Crockett family, kin and friends.  Please, let me start by sharing a little bit about what the Crocketts have been up to in Granbury, Texas!  First, let me brag that Granbury has been voted as “The Best Small Historical Town in the US of A”!  What an honor!  As a member of the Board of the “Texas Heroes Foundation”, I am honored to give you our foundation’s background and mission as well as the information about our annual projects.  My son, Errol Flannery, is the Board President.  He is past President of the DDDC.  Our purpose is to raise funds to be used for educating people of all ages about the history of the State of Texas in order to preserve it’s accuracy and to encourage appreciation for the richness of the State’s history.  Annually, there are two projects involved.  One is the Texas History Fair and the second is the Texas History Stroll.  The Texas History Fair offers children from the 4th grade through high school, the opportunity to research and create art projects that demonstrate their knowledge about Texas History.  Heather Flannery is in charge of this project.  The Stroll revolves around celebrating the signing of the treaty that gave birth to the Republic of Texas in 1836!   For further information, I encourage you to view the Texas Historical Foundation website.  If you are ever down our way, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We are a history loving community!

Laurie Matthews