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Vicky Henry, Secretary-Treasurer


Crockett Tavern & Museum – August 17, 2019

August 17 – David Crockett’s 233rd Birthday Celebration – 2-5PM on the grounds of CTM. Free event. Birthday treats, re-enactors, story telling, music, blacksmith, tours of the museum.

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Errol Flannery, Chairman of the Board of the Direct Descendants & Kin of David Crockett gives Sally Baker, Curator, a donation for the Crockett Tavern & Museum.   Sally is a beautiful example of faithfulness to the Museum & Tavern that upholds the memory and history of David Crockett.

News from Rutherford

CROCKETT CABIN IN RUTHERFORD—Chapters in my district of Daughters of the American Revolution make annual donations to the cabin. Reelfoot DAR is the most active and in touch with the Cabin

I got permission to print this paragraph from a meeting report in the local paper. “Thank you Linda Lofton!“

Ms Lofton gave the TSDAR Historical site report about the David Crockett Cabin and Museum in Rutherford. It is a full-size replica of the Crockett family cabin restored with timbers from his mother’s cabin. All but a few of the logs from the original cabin were destroyed by fire before the cabin could be reconstructed on the site in Rutherford near the high school. If anyone is interested in visiting the cabin museum, they should contact Mayor Sandy Simmons at 731-655-7166 at Rutherford City Hall.