Crockett Tributes

David Crockett Cabin located at 212 N Trenton Street, Rutherford, TN 38369. (731) 665-6195.  This is believed to be his last home in Tennessee.

Crockett Tavern Museum located at 2002 Morningside Drive, Morristown, TN 37814.  The museum is currently closed but will reopen in May.

For information please contact:

Sally A. Baker, CTM Site Director
Crockett Tavern Museum
2002 Morningside Drive
Morristown, TN 37814
Phone: 423.587.9900

The Museum was built on the site of the boyhood home of Davy Crockett.  It is a reconstruction of the 1790’s John Crockett Tavern. For more information go to:  Visitor Details


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  1. I am interested in receiving news post of anything about the Crockett organization. Thank you.

    Nina Mann Windham

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